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really work for me

I am taking berberine long time. I try other product but this one must be sure better than others.

Berberine HCL
helps mast cell issues

I use berberine to stabilize a mast cell disorder and for that, it works well. Swapping these in neither worsened anything or made anything better, so ... good. My husband used to take berberine for blood sugar issues but stopped needing it after we went to a medical-grade keto 3 years ago. He hasn't had blood sugar issues since. Overall ... for me, did what it needed to do.

Quality supplement

This is a good quality capsule. Berberine should be a bright yellow. There are a lot of good peer-reviewed studies regarding the benefits of Berberine. My doctor recommended Berberine for me. So talk with your doctor if it’s good for you and what dosing you should be doing. These capsules are easy to swallow. Everything about the product seems accurately described.

A quality supplement

Here is an other quality supplement, nice,clean and well sealed container, fully loaded , medium ,easy to swallow capsules. Has long a shelf life , high dose of HCL Barberine 1200, good price, no bad reactions after a week of taking it regularly, what else ? just buy it with confidence.

Up and Coming Supplement

Berberine may have a variety of benefits, and many of these relate to its potential to help with blood sugar issues. Some experts believe that many effects of aging (including Alzheimer's disease) are related to blood sugar problems.

While the research is just emerging, there is some evidence that berberine can help in this area. While my blood sugar is fine, thanks to years of low-carb eating and intermittent fasting, I still take berberine for its potential anti-aging benefits.

If you are struggling with these issues, this could be worth a try. I like that this company does extensive testing as well. I recommend this.

Good value, lots of potential uses

This is just a mega dose of berberine - 600mg per capsule - nothing added (except for some trace amounts of flour, etc that are typical during the encapsulation process).

A lot of berberine supplements with have vitamin C, zinc, or other things. I like that this is just straight berberine - that way I don't have to adjust my other supplements.

Many people take Berberine for cholesterol, which is why I started taking it.

But I recently doubled my dose to help with a kidney stone. I tried many approaches at once, so I can't say specifically which thing worked or if it was the combination of everything. But I successfully avoided surgery! There is evidence berberine can prevent and/or help dissolve and break up kidney stones. So I will definitely take berberine on a regular basis, and doubling up in the event of a future kidney stone.

For those interested in kidney stone treatment, rowatinex and chanca piedra seem to work with any kind of stone. There are tons of other supplements and drinks you can try, but your approach will depend on what kind of stones you have (hopefully you catch and save your stones for analysis, it's really important to know what's going on in your body so you can treat and prevent it).

Early results are goood

I've been taking this for a month now and am pleased with the results.